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Professor Keefer is at New York University and is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Online Education for the World Association of Online Education, with the three online journals linked from this site. She presented her cybertheories at MIT's Media in Transition conferences as well as UNESCO online conferences. She is a panelist/consultant for Philantos Films, and has also judged screenwriting competitions and given papers at screenwriting conferences. She moderated a panel on Creativity for the Screen Actors Guild (2014) and published a chapter on "Aristotle's Triple Threat Legacy in the 21st Century" in an international rhetoric textbook and an article on Literature and Terrorism in Penn State Comparative Literature Review.(2015)Dr. Julia Keefer chaired a panel on the Representation of Terrorism in World Literature and presented a paper on Upstaging Terrorists with Humor and Empathy in March 2016.
Professor Keefer's Academic Courses:
Adaptations for the Screen

Aristotle's Triple Threat Legacy
The Art of Relationship Art Trumps Science/Science Illuminates Art
Artificial Life
The Brain Gymnasium
Classical Adaptations
Cultural Foundations III
Cyber versus Traditional Rhetoric

Disease, Health, and Exile

Eco-Disciplinary Writing
Ecoliterature and the Global Economy
Electronic Media Performance
Environmental Literature
Evaluating Therapeutic Modalities

Forbidden Fruits
French Tutoring
Heaven or Hell
History of Science
Humans and Nature
Human Evil and Posthuman Perfection
Jihad vs McWorld:Whose Paradise is Lost?
Language and the Body
Leaders and Followers:
Literary New York
Literature, Health Science, and the Environment
Lovers and Other Monsters
Megalomaniacs of the 20th Century

Narcissism versus Psychological Depth
Major Authors: New York
Major Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Writers on Higher Education

Major Twentieth Lovers and other Monsters Medical Humanities:Major 20 Writers
Nature and the Literary

Oral Interpretation of Literature
Personifying Nature
Public Speaking
Screenwriting Workshop
Introductory Screenwriting I

Intermediate Screenwriting Online
Screenwriting in French
Radio/TV Performance
Self versus State
Semiotic and Literary Analyses of Organic Phenomena in Mediated Representations
Seventeenth Century New YorkRacism/Colonialism/Terrorism Major 20/21
Technical Writing and the Internet
Terrorism and Contemporary Literature
Terror and Myth: Classics of the Canon

Triple-Threat Public Speaking
2000 Years of Jokes and Mistakes

Dr. Keefer of Meatspace is an Equinox instructor, martial artist, a kinesiologist, a certified strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor, a New York State licensed massage therapist, and a former professional wrestler. Dr. Keefer also teaches various combinations of kickboxing at NYU, step, sculpt, stretch at the Y, water aerobics, indoor cycling, belly dance, and core conditioning as a sub. Dr. Keefer has a Ph.D. from NYU, M.A. from La Sorbonne, Paris, and B.S. and M.A.summa cum laude from Emerson College.
Is cyberspace making your meatspace back ache? Come to Keefer's
Aching Backs in the Info Age! How are you sitting right now?

She has worked for a neurosurgeon, a psychiatrist, an osteopath, a vascular surgeon, an orthopedist, and a podiatrist, giving her a head-to-toe knowledge of the human body. Dr. Keefer understands the pain, perks, parameters, and perfectionism of performance, how to overcome page or stage fright, and how to form the bridge between physical therapy and performance training.
Dr. Keefer's classes, EvergreenEnergyKickboxing, Step,Cardio-Core,are currently offered at NYU Athletics, and are described in the book, From Pain to Performance, a must-read for trainers and coaches to get clients back into peformance shape, an excellent method of expressing yourself at home with cutting-edge martial arts training, a fun way to combine conditioning with housework and chores, a rejuvenating program for Baby Boomers, cognitive training with the Keefer brain gymnasium, and prehab and rehab to keep you happy hab with Dr. Keefer.

Julia of Deepspace optioned screenplays, published some fiction with Doubleday in Lovers
and other Monsters
and Angels of Darkness, performed one person shows, such as "Through the Broken Glass" and "A
Penal Fantasy," and developed Cyberperformances.

She published a fantasy memoir trilogy, an e-book on screenwriting/story structure, and is writing a Rock trilogy of novels.
Deepspace comes from solitude, love, "deep" relationships, meditation and communing with nature, tapping into the wonder and curiosity of childhood.

Baby ballerina

Julia of Deepspace developed EVERGREEN Energy Elixir incorporating these principles and 13 energy centers, with the EvergreenEnergy band.

The International Online Journal, EvergreenEnergy synthesizes deepspace with meat- and cyberspace in issues devoted to global health--physical, mental, spiritual and ecological. To survive as a species, humans must develop a deeper, more respectful relationship with the environment.

Professor Keefer won an NYU Award for Outstanding Service/Teaching Excellence 1993-2013. Dr. Keefer is a co-founder and coordinator for The New York Literary Club. Ecodisciplinary Conference April 5, 2013 at NYU's Global Center auditorium at 238 Thompson. Dr. Nawal El Saadawi returned to NYU for the Symposium on Global Literature, Leadership, and International Relations Friday March 30, 2012 5:30 to 8:30 pm on the third floor of 7 East 12. The Symposium also featured Declan Spring, VP and Senior Editor of New Directions Publishing and some of their authors and translators, Ambassador John Hirsch from the International Peace Institute, Professor Veena Thadani, and a student panel from Dr. Keefer's Major Twentieth Century Authors course. Thanks to Dr. Saadawi for coming to NYU from Tahrir Square, Cairo March 22, 2011 for the Creativity, Dissidence and the Egyptian Revolution conference and March 24 for the NYU Bookstore/Literary Reading, moderated by Dr. Julia Keefer,is on You-Tube
Literary New York Halloween Party at the NYU Bookstore October 31, 2011!

Keefer's brilliant wit and intellect infuse this massive masterpiece so that you get an unusual perspective on twentieth century media megalomania, and what 9/11 and the War on Terror did to clash and un-clash civilizations. Buy Evergreen's fictional fantasy memoir HOW TO SURVIVE AS AN ADJUNCT PROFESSOR BY WRESTLING. If you are interested in screen rights to this book, or its screenplay, e-mail <>

Evergreen Goes to Egypt!to Istanbul! to Morocco!
t Keefer's Rock Trilogy begins in New Paltz with Climb and Punishment by Sedimentary Shawangunk.
Professor Keefer thanks all the wonderful students who attend, have attended, and will attend her classes over the years.


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