Evergreen's Fitness for the Four Seasons by Dr. Julia Evergreen Keefer

Evergreen's Fitness for the Four Seasons (Copyright 2005) by Julia Evergreen Keefer, Ph.D. <julia.keefer@nyu.edu>

EvergreenEnergy® is a fitness class, designed and trademarked by Julia Keefer, that has three different versions. Version One combines outdoor exercise like hiking, biking, water sports and/or chores like gardening, with stretch and sculpt exercises with the patent-pending EE band. This is an excellent program if you are away from a gym outside in the woods or wilderness, or even the suburbs. Version Two is indoors, but begins with 30-45 minutes of indoor cycling, rowing, walking, or running with a steady state cooldown, followed by fluid standing work, balances, and a stretch and strengthen program that focus on deep, intrinsic muscles, static strength/stretch, balance and then floor work and meditation. This is a good later-day slow down. Version Three begins on the floor with band exercises for feet and abs, and slowly builds the structure to standing balances and fluid movement. This is a good early morning warm-up to get you going. These classes, unlike Evergreen's Knockout Workouts which are all on 32-count phrases, does not use that type of popular, rhythmic music with the metronomic beat. Music can be done to enhance the sensitivity to the thirteen EE centers. Classes can be done with no music, just the sounds of your breath and the wilderness.

EvergreenEnergy is also the name of the international online journal for health, humanities, fitness, and the environment, edited by Professor Keefer.

Building Buff Bodies in the Burbs and Boroughs! Indoor Cycling based on Outdoor Adventures Evergreen Rides the Slickrock Trail in Moab, Utah! Slide, Ski and Saute: Everyone Can Play!

Part One: Spring Into Action

Ch 01: Aerobic Activity: Stride, Don't Ride
Improve your gait, your heart, your lungs, and the environment as you burn calories and save money on transportation. Ch02: Skill: Balance--Fall and Fail, Don't Wail!
Test your equilibrium by balancing on logs, the Bosu, or just one leg with your eyes closed.

Ch03: Chores: Garden, Don't Harden
Ergonomic ways to garden without hurting your hands, back, or knees.

Ch04: EvergreenEnergy
Meditation and introduction to the 12 energy centers of the EvergreenEnergy™ system.

Ch05: Mental/Spiritual
Focus on the earth, eye, and crown centers as you balance and open yourself to change and growth.

Ch06: Environmental: Be a Jive Jogger, Not a Gas Guzzler
Ways to use less gas and electricity to conserve energy as daylight increases.

Part Two: Sultry, Sizzling Summer

Ch07: Aerobic Activity: Climb Every Mountain
From stair climbing, to step aerobics, to climbing mountains, your butt doesn't have to sag with the summer!

Ch08: Skill: Learn to Swim
Aqua-jog, swim laps, learn to use the floaties, boards, cuffs, and aqua barbells.

Ch09: Chores: The Lawn, The House, and the Driveway
Carve out a V-back as you cut the grass, blacktop the driveway, and paint the house.

Ch10: EvergreenEnergy
Relax, breathe, and meditate in the EvergreenEnergy™ �postures.

Ch11: Mental/Spiritual
Focus on the water, taste, and smell centers as you improve your diet and your sensuality.

Ch12: Environmental
Give any way you can to environmental causes.

Part Three: Healthy, Happy Harvest

Ch13: Aerobic Activity: Biking
The ways that biking outdoors apply to cycling indoors.

Ch14: Skill: Agility
Jump rope, do cariocas, plyo and other agility drills on the grass or trampoline.

Ch15: Chores: The Wheelbarrow and Housework
Jump rope while you gather fruits and nuts, rake leaves
Paint, Polish, Puff those Pillows with Pump Power
Pedal to your fantasy vacation as you clean house.

Ch16: EvergreenEnergy
Static strengthening with the patent-pending EvergreenEnergy band. ™

Ch17: Mental/Spiritual
Focus on the heart, brain, and aura as you develop your imagination to envision a project greater than yourself.

Ch18: Environmental
Now that you are in shape, work for an environmental project.

Part Four: It's a Wonderful, not a Wicked Winter

Ch19: Aerobic Activity: Stride and Slide, Don't Ride
Add the Slide to maximize lateral training and facilitate squat and lunges at home.

Ch20: Skill: Skiing
Make winter fun with the different kinds of cross-country and downhill skiing.

Ch21: Chores
Shovel snow to clear the driveway or road, or get yourself out of a ditch.

Ch22: EvergreenEnergy �
Learn the free-flow modern dance warm-up to the EvergreenEnergy system.

Ch23: Mental/Spiritual
Focus on the fire, orange, and shadow centers as you dispel negativity and get the courage to finish your projects.

Ch24: Environmental
Protect endangered species, wild life, historic sites, and great art.