Evergreen's Fitness for the Four Seasons by Dr. Julia Evergreen Keefer

Evergreen's Fitness for the Four Seasons by Dr. Julia Evergreen Keefer<julia.keefer@nyu.edu>

Part Four: It's a Wonderful, not a Wicked Winter

Ch19: Aerobic Activity: Stride and Slide, Don't Ride
Add the Slide to maximize lateral training and facilitate squat and lunges at home.

What if there is no snow or you hate the cold?

Lateral Training: Indoor Sliding is so much fun. Come to Knockout Step/Slide/Strike™ to learn how.

Ch20: Skill: Skiing
Make winter fun with the different kinds of cross-country and downhill skiing.

It is possible to stretch in the snow.

Cross Country Skiing

Classic Technique

You see those straight ruts in the snow? Follow them, just sliding along as if you were on the cross country ski machine, poling with your opposite arm. Turn the skis sideways or make a v-shape to go uphill and snow plow downhill.

Skate Technique is more advanced and you use shorter skis. This requires well-groomed trails. Push off the skis as if you were skating. Cross-country skiing is a sport that can be done at any age. The marathoner, Jack Rabbit Johannsen did his last cross country ski marathon at 108 years of age!

Ch21: Chores
Shovel snow to clear the driveway or road, or get yourself out of a ditch.

Shoveling Snow


Every year hundreds of people around the world get a heart attack or injure their back or shoulders shovelling snow.

The Preparation

Don't go out into the cold, dehydrated, sleepy, stiff, and grumpy after a bad night's sleep. Warm up, stretch, drink fluids, and prepare the body for serious exercise.


Use the same technique you would doing any chores . Keep your spine lengthened, your knees over your toes, and work from your core muscles.

Work both sides of the back as you make a pattern and take frequent breaks.

If you feel chest pain while shoveling, stop, go inside and walk around. If it doesn’t go away, call your doctor immediately.

Performance: Warm-up before shoveling because it is a maximum effort performance.

Pounce then Purr: After digging into the snow with a pounce-like effort, purr by the fireside with some warm cider.

Snowmen and Snow Angels? It’s fun to build snowmen with your children, using your hands to sculpt mounds of snow into something that may or may not last. If you are dressed warmly, snow angels can be a great way to relax your muscles in the snow. Lie on your back, relax all your muscles, and open and close your arms and legs.

Ch22: EvergreenEnergy
Learn the free-flow modern dance warm-up to the EvergreenEnergy system.

Ch23: Mental/Spiritual
Focus on the fire, orange, and shadow centers as you dispel negativity and get the courage to finish your projects.

Ch24: Environmental
Protect endangered species, wild life, historic sites, and great art.

Periodization for Performance

Cognitive Performance





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