(212) 734-1083, 408 East 78th St. #3B, New York, N.Y.10075-1608, julia.keefer@nyu.edu
WEB SITE:(URL) http://www.nyu.edu/classes/keefer (3000 pages personally designed by Professor Keefer since 1995 on the NYU server)

Associate Adjunct Professor of Multidisciplinary Writing/Research, Literature, and Screenwriting at New York University.

Elected Adjunct Representative to the NYU SPS Faculty Council 2017-2020, Chair of the Online Education Committee, Student Affairs, Adjunct Committee, and FC rep to the CAES Advisory Board and SPS rep to the NYU Cross Faculty Forum.

Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Online Education for the World Association for Online Education, Terrorism/Un-clashing Civilizations, and EvergreenEnergy: Health, Humanities, and the Environment.

Novelist, Poet, Screenwriter, Writing Tutor, Fitness Instructor, Speech Coach, Wellness Consultant.

B.S. Emerson College, Boston (Communication and Media)
M.A. equivalent: La Sorbonne, Paris (French Literature with a specialty in the twentieth century)(bilingual French/English).
M.A. summa cum laude (Oral Interpretation of Literature, Communication and Speech), Emerson College
Ph.D. New York University (Drama with a sub-specialty in Kinesiology)
Certificates and licenses in health fitness updated every few years.

NYU McGhee Award for Outstanding Service 1993-2013

On site and online classes for NYU, independent study and colloquia for Gallatin, classes for NYU Athletics, and occasional consulting for Tisch or Steinhardt. Creative writing/screenwriting for PEN America's Prison Writing Program.
Literature: Modern and Contemporary Global Literature, Nature in the Literary Imagination, Literary New York, Eco-Literature, Forbidden Fruits/Censored Literature, Literature and Terrorism, Drama, Terror and Myth, Major Twentieth Century Writers, Introduction to Literature--Classics of the Canon.
Writing Workshops I and II: (Theme-based) Literature and Medicine, Disease, Health, and Exile, Ecoliterature and the Global Economy, Jihad vs McWorld, The Brain Gymnasium, Heaven or Hell, Self versus State, Lovers and Other Monsters, Narcissism versus Psychological Depth, 2000 Years of Jokes and Mistakes, Humans and Nature, Megalomaniacs of the Twentieth Century.
Media: Screenwriting (Beginning to Advanced Levels), Adaptations to the Screen, Classical Adaptations, Public Speaking, Argumentation, Radio and TV Performance, MindBodyMedia, Your Community in Cyberspace, Technical Writing and the Internet, How the Internet Changes the Way We Think: Cyber versus Traditional Rhetoric.
Health Science: Kinesiology, Eco-disciplinary Writing, Evaluating Therapeutic Modalities for Diseases and Disabilities, Language and the Body

Past Academic Teaching:
SUNY NEW PALTZ: Screenwriting, Performance, Public Speaking, Argumentation.
POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY: Technical Writing and the Internet.
MARYMOUNT MANHATTAN COLLEGE: Anatomy/Kinesiology, Dance, Fitness, and Critical Thinking
BARUCH CUNY: Back Care/Posture
EMERSON COLLEGE, BOSTON: Experiments in the Humanities, Oral Interpretation, Dialect Study, Voice and Articulation, Argumentation, Mass Communications
Acting, Voice and Movement, French and Screenwriting at the Discovery Center, New York.
Life Experience Faculty Adviser for SKIDMORE COLLEGE (University Without Walls, performing arts) and NYU (acting and dramatic writing, technical writing and web design).


A chapter called "Aristotle's Triple Threat Legacy in the 21st Century" in an international rhetoric book published in 2015.

Carving Your Story, an ebook on Screenwriting and Global Storytelling

An 800-page fantasy memoir called How to Survive as an Adjunct Professor by Wrestling, consisting of Megalomania of the Twentieth Century, Un-clashing Civilizations and the Bipolar Battle between QCD and EWF published by iUniverse, 2006.  Copyright 2005. Part II will be translated into Arabic. Available online and at your local bookstore.

From Pain to Performance, a health/fitness e-book, including Dr. Keefer's Corrective Clinic, Evergreen's Fitness for the Four Seasons, Evergreen's Knockout Workouts, the Keefer Brain Gymnasium, and Cognitive Performance.

Articles and Conference Papers:

"Modernist Comedy Improv" for MLA 2017 Convention in Philadelphia

"Upstaging Terrorists with Humor and Empathy in World Literature" in a panel Professor Keefer chaired on The Representation of Terrorism in World Literature at the Northeast Modern Language Association Convention in Hartford, CT 2016

"Literature and Terrorism" for Penn State Comparative Literature Studies Spring 2015

"Terror-Criticism: Expressions of 9/11 From the Inside Out," at an international multidisciplinary conference on literature, film, and terrorism, featuring representations of 9/11 at the University of Westminster, London, England, March, 2007.

"Four Narrative Styles in Transmedia Storytelling" for M.I.T.'s Media-in-Transition Conference, The Work of Stories: May 2005.

“Against Homogeneity: Developing Cultural Diversity in Mass-Market Screenplays” presented in Marrakesh, Morocco, January 2005 at a Screenwriters Conference.

"America and Islam: A Loving Relationship" January 2003, and “Towards a Global Meta-Narrative” March 2003, Editorial December 2001 and Articles in EDUCATION AND TERRORISM: Edition 2001-06 for Journal on Terrorism or Un-Clashing Civilizations.

"Six Levels of Mediated Learning" for Faculty Resource Network, June 2002.

"Developing Intellectual Hegemony on the WWW," for Northeast University Professors Education and Technology Conference, May 2001.

"Messing up the Box," for NYU's Technological Fair, April 2001.

"Collective versus Individual Creativity," for LTOL, Learning and Teaching Online in Guangzhou, China, sponsored by UNESCO and the Asian University Coalition, January 2001.

"Cyberperformance as an Academic Ritual," for MIT's Media-in-Transition Conference, Oct 1999.

"Combining Meatspace, Cyberspace and Deepspace: How the Internet Changes Conventional Education," presented and published at TCC98, Hawaii.

"The Dilemma of Academic Freedom in Online Education," presented and published at TCC99.

"Aching Backs in the Info Age," JOE, the WWW Journal for the World Association for Online Education, Edition 99.

Short Fiction: "When Edges are too Soft" in Don't Open This Book,(Doubleday, 1998.)

"The Peace that Crusheth Understanding" in Angels of Darkness(Doubleday, 1995.)

"A Secret," in Lovers and Other Monsters (Doubleday, 1992.)

Screenplays: "Blast-Off," "The Race," "Sandcastles"(optioned.) "How to Survive as an Adjunct Professor by Wrestling" may or may not be produced by Hollywood!J

Reviews of academic press books in rhetoric, writing, screenwriting, public speaking, and literature for Addison Wesley Longman, Palgrave MacMillan, and Houghton Mifflin and various publishers.

In Development: Trilogy of the three novels, Climb and Punishment narrated by the Shawangunk Sedimentary, Magnificent, Manic, Metamorphic Manhattan, and The Seismic Seesaw of Jake and the Magma Monsters
A textbook Health Humanities with Sustainable Wellness

Co-Founder and Coordinator for The New York Literary Club at McGhee NYU 2009 to 2016
PEN America
American Association for Literature and the Environment ASLE
Modern Language Association
Northeast Modern Language Association
The World Association for Online Education-- founding member and editor-in-chief of its online professional journal-- Online Journal of Education, Media and Health
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
The American College of Sports Medicine
The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
The American Association of French-Speaking Health Professionals
Screenwriters Online

FITNESS SPOKESWOMAN on CBS news, Cable TV health shows. Presenter at meetings of the American College of Sports Medicine. TV APPEARANCES on NBC Dateline, Maury Povich and Court TV.
PUBLIC RELATIONS assistant for Air Canada and Penguin Books in the seventies.

Coordinated New York Literary Club Events:
Ecoliterature and the Global Economy December 2009
The Landscape of Publishing June 2010
Censored Literature Symposium December 2010
Creativity, Dissidence, and the Egyptian Revolution at Eisner and Luber Auditorium, March 2011
Literary Retrospective of Dr. Nawal El Saadawi at NYU bookstore, March 2011
Literary New York Halloween at the NYU Bookstore October 31, 2011
Global Literature, Leadership, and International Relations Symposium March 30, 2012 with Ambassador John Hirsch, Professor Veena Thadani, Declan Spring, VP of New Directions Publishing, Dr. Nawal el Saadawi, and a student panel from Dr. Keefer's Major Twentieth Century Authors.
April 5, 2013 Ecodisciplinary Conference at NYU Global Center for Spiritual Life Auditiorium GC95 238 Thompson.
Barbara Kingsolver Skype Retrospective February 2014
Cross-Cultural Colloquium and Patience Stone Fall 2014
Humanties Job Fair with Wasserman March 5 2015
Blindness Screening 2015
Dream Jobs with Wasserman November 19 2015
Diversity and Racism Conference and Performance April 9, 2016

Films on You-Tube

Literary Reading/Signing with Dr. Nawal el Saadawi and Dr. Julia Keefer at the NYU Bookstore March 24, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0drWLEFJ5g

TRAINING: 30 years of advanced dance training in ballet, jazz and modern at major New York studios.
Workshops in body therapies such as Laban's effort-flow, Bartenieff, Sweigard/Todd ideokinesis, Alexander, rolfing, sportsmassage, kundalini yoga. Screenwriting with Robert McKee, Ron Petersen.
Dramaturgy with Samuel French Inc., Jeff Sweet and Jeff Kitchen.
Fiction and Playwriting at the Writers Voice. Acting at The Acting Studio, HB Studio, Soundstage, Banff School of Fine Arts, Canada.
Voice with Doug Houston and Lynn Starling.
Comedy at Chicago City Limits, Gotham City and Manhattan Punchline.

PERFORMING EXPERIENCE: Five original one-woman shows performed in New York and Boston: "A Penal Fantasy," "Through the Broken Glass," "Dreams," "Innocence and Experience," "The Cords of Time." Film: A Bronx Tale, and leading roles in numerous independent films such as a demented French teacher, hooker etc. Roles in classical theatre such as Lady Macbeth, Desdemona, Emilia, Titania, Miss Julie, Lady Teazle. Isadora Duncan Dance Company. Stand-up at the Improv and Stand-Up New York.

Conception, direction and performance in CYBERPERFORMANCE I: Humans and Nature, 5 May 1998, NYU
CYBERPERFORMANCE II: Self versus State? 19 December, 1998, NYU.
CYBERPERFORMANCE III: Educational versus Commercial Web Development, 28 April,1999, NYU.
CYBERPERFORMANCE IV: Heat Wave 99: Characters Sizzling in Time, 5 August 1999, NYU.
CYBEPERFORMANCE V: 100 Years of Jokes and Mistakes, 18 December,1999, NYU.
CYBERPERFORMANCE VI: E-COMMERCE: Consumers versus Communitarians, 27 April, 2000, Polytechnic University
CYBERPERFORMANCE VII: Global Screenwriting Showcase, 29 April, 2000
CYBERPERFORMANCE VIII: Looking for Health, Wealth, Love and Knowledge Online, 6 May, 2000, NYU
CYBERPERFORMANCE IX: Eco-disciplinary Research, 9 August 2000, NYU
CYBERPERFORMANCE X: Narcissism versus Psychological Depth, 15 August 2000, NYU
CYBERPERFORMANCE X1: Megalomaniacs of the Twentieth Century, 16 December 2000, NYU