Evergreen's Knockout Workouts

Evergreen's Knockout Workouts! by Julia Evergreen Keefer, Ph.D. ( Copyright 2005) These Web sites are just teasers; for detailed choreography or the instructional manuals, contact <julia.keefer@nyu.edu>
These are non-combat, group fitness classes based on dance and martial arts for all levels, but particularly intermediate/advanced.
KNOCKOUT CARDIO CORE is an aerobic gut-and-butt class combining belly dance isolations and Latin moves with intense core conditioning with the Stability ball and body bar, and wrestling holds and squeezes to provide an aerobic workout that also increases muscular endurance in the core muscles and inner thighs.
KNOCKOUT STEP/SLIDE/STRIDE is a cross-training (either step and sculpt, or slide and strike) steady state cardio and muscular endurance class using the Step, the Slide, arm and leg weights
, with the option of a light punching bag, designed to achieve cardiorespiratory training and full body conditioning with a funky 4/4 rhythm.
KNOCKOUT BALLET 'N BOX is an aerobic/anaerobic combination of basic ballet barre with traditional kickboxing choreography designed for a dance studio (with a good floor that allows jumps and turns), or a swimming pool where buoyant equipment on hands and feet increase training effects of punches and kicks, as well as ballet barre.
EVERGREENENERGY is a fluid stretch/sculpt/meditate class using therabands and the EvergreenEnergy band to tone muscles, particularly at the end range in unconventional positions to increase static strength and dynamic flexibility, with a Hawkins/Duncan modern dance base for recovery moves, and a meditation section based on Evergreen's 13 energy centers.

Part One: Knockout CardioCore with Aerobic-Gut-and-Butt
Knockout CardioCore centers your total body strengthening program at your core, with exercises for the abdominals, back, buttocks and chest, using various kinds of resistance, focusing on posture, rhythm and coordination with routines from Aerobic Gut and Butt™.

Ch01: BELLY: Shake, Shimmy, Squeeze, and Stabilize
A sexy way to mobilize your muscles from the Aerobic Gut and Butt
warm-up to Middle Eastern and Latin music.

Ch02: BALL: Crunch and Punch (But Not After Lunch)
Ball and bag exercises for abs, back and love handles.

Ch03: BAR: Twist, Turnand Yearn
for obliques in all positions with the body bar and ball.

Ch04: BOSU and BOUNCE: Bubble Bums, not Buttery Buns
Tighten the tush and improve balance with kicks, lunges, and squats on the Bosu.
Balance and jump on the trampoline.

Ch05: PECS: Prominent Pectorals for Perfect Posture
Push-ups, presses and punches for perfect pecs.

Ch06: SEX (or just preparation for it): Wrestle and Release
Scissorholds or Thigh Squeezer? Tighten inner thighs and then stretch legs in all directions using abs to stabilize.

Part Two: Knockout Sculpt
Effective, efficient strengthening routines.

Ch07: MODALITIES:What Kind of Iron Should You Pump?
Dumbbells, barbells, bands, or machines will give you different results.

Ch08: MOVEMENT: Snake or Sparrow?
The joints can only flex, extend, abduct, adduct, and rotate alone or incombination.

Moving, standing, sitting, on all fours, lying supine, lying prone,side-lying positions use levers against gravity in different ways.

Isolate muscle groups, work functionally, superset, agonist/antagonist, ordo split routines

From static strength to slow, medium, fast, and explosive.

Rest for five minutes, stretch in between, work with a partner, continue from set to set, combine weight training with aerobics, or pepper it with cardio sprints.

Part Three: Knockout Ballet 'n Box®
Express yourself as you develop balance, agility, coordination, strength, and flexibility combining ballet exercises with kickboxing drills and choreography on land or in the water.

Ch13: Principles


Ch14: Aquatic Ballet Warm-Up, Core Strengthening, and Leg Movements

Ch15: Aquatic Aerobic Intervals with Kicks and Punches

Ch16: Ballet Float and Cool-Down

Ch17: Ballet Barre and Adagio

Ch18: Jumps, Punch and Kicking Drills Choreography and Cool-down  


rt Four: Knockout Step/Slide/Strike®
Cross-train with step and sculpt, or slide peppered with punches and kicks on the bag.

A cardio-strength class for three levels with options for split training.

Ch20: STEP
Basic step routines for different levels to a hip hop beat.

Ch 21: SLIDE
Slide sequences for inner and outer thighs, quads and hams.

Impact technique for kicks and punches.


Class progressions to target different training zones.


From physical therapy to split cross-training sequences, or advanced choreography.