An International, Interdisciplinary Journal devoted to the Boolean intersections of Health/Fitness and the Humanities with Environmental Science, conceived in 2005 but ongoing

Edited by Julia Keefer, Ph.D. M.A., M.A., CSCS, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, AFAA, AEA, New York State LMT

Ecodisciplinary Conference at NYU April 5, 2012 4-9 pm Global Center 238 Thompson


Peer Advisory Board
James Brasic, M.D., M.P.H.
Kathleen Dann, M.D.
Matthew Wilks Keefer, Ph.D.
Louise Keefer, Wellness Expert and Medical Trainer
and anonymous readers in health sciences and humanities

I. Eco-Disciplinary Work
by Roshan Boodhoo
Signalling Power of Dividend on Firms’ Future Profits: A Literature Review by
PURMESSUR Rajshree Deeptee *
BSc (Hons) Banking & International Finance
(Email: deepteepurmessur@yahoo.com)
The University of Nottingham – Nottingham University Business School (NUBS)
BOODHOO Roshan **
ASc Finance, BBA (Hons) Finance, BSc (Hons) Banking & International Finance
(Email: roshanboodhoo@intnet.mu ; Tel: +230-7891888)

Advancing International Development through Introspective Appreciation and Criticism of the World, the Industry, and the Individual by Alain Lemaire
Sustainability and Socially Responsible Labels for Clothes by Teresa Moore (2016)
Outsourcing or Ostracizing by Raja Gupta (2007)
The Changing Role of a Formal Education in the Industrial Gas Business by Ed Barger (2016)

Using Food to Advance Education by Cristina Beck (2017)

Trains, Trump, Health, and the US Infrastructure by Charles Roebuck (2017)

Sustainable and Socially Responsible Real Estate

Innovative Policies to Address Climate Change and Improve Real Estate Values by Iryna Luzhna (2019

Ecoliterature Sample Syllabi
Nature in the Literary Imagination
Nature Poets: Eternal Spring by Julia Keefer

Cyd Fulton
Trash Animals Sonnet by Julia Keefer
Ecodisciplinary Writing Sample Syllabi
Ecomedia: American Media's Impact on Climate Change by K.Borch

II.Human Use of Natural Phenomena in Science, Industry, Technology, and Poetry
Hydrofracking by Genni Kah (2012)
The Natural Gas Quandary by J.L.Rodriguez (2015)

Will America be the Earth’s First Paper Champion? by Peter Hazel, (2007)

Comparative analysis of water pollution control between New York City and Shenzhen by Hui Qian (2018)
Great Lakes: Natural Beauty Devastated by Aquatic Invasive Species by Ekaterina Bessmolnaia (2008)
The Worth of Water by Augustus Jove (2016)

Our Energy, Our Environment, Our Future by Arron B. Combs (2011)
Bioenergy by Sherry Ann Rowland (2011)
African Resources by William Quam (2012)
Removing Stigma, Unlocking Potential by Kernel Forbin (2013)

III. Nature's Self-Expression or Temper Tantrums
Global Warming
American Political Parties on Global Warming by Tim Hutchcraft (2007)
Tornados and Hurricanes
Haiti's Way Out of the Seismic Dilemma by Stephane Vincent (2014)

IV. Humans and Nature: Give and Take
Balanced and Unbalanced Environments
Save the Soul of Harlem by Marsha Taylor (2007)
Eye for an Icon: Icon for an Eye: Greening New York by Ryan Hinricher (2011)
Gentrifying Crown Heights by Marlon Peterson (2011)

Creating a Greener Bronx by Robin Elliott 2013
Is there a Future for the Electric Car in the Major Urban Centers? by Wyeth Peterson (2007)
No Matter Your Intentions, It’s all About Green (2008) by Adam Friedman
Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds:
Creating a Culture of Educational Achievement in
East Baltimore’s Urban Food Desert by Barbara Hoblitzell
From the Cracks of a City by Adam Berry (Detroit 2014)
Parks and Preserves
Urban Parks and Their Necessity in the Future of Urban Design:
An Analytical Exploration of Green Space in New York City by Alexander T Kent (2014)

Sustainable Development in the Korean Peninsula by Chun Jip (2012)
Child Labor in Africa by Nanseul Shin (2008)
The Healing Hands of Nature: A Study of How the Wilderness Can Heal Rape and Abuse Victims, by Cricket Nordstrom, 2007
Desert Trash:  Illegal Immigrants’ Impact on the Environment
By Rosa P. Oakes, 2007

Humans and Animals
When Tomorrow Starts without Wizzoner by Jennifer Randel (2007)
Birds by Gena Tomaselli (2012)
Humans and Disasters
Arts as Therapy:Can Creativity Help Heal in the Midst of Disaster? by C.Howse (2010)

V. Human Diseases
Medical Humanities: Literature and Medicine
Sense Imagery in Global Literature with Medical Themes by Kathleen Dapaah (2015)
Characters Trapped in their Story Arcs by Michael Lardner (2015)
The Beauty of Writing: Thoughts and Observations on Twentieth Century Literature by Christopher Zuccaro (2015)

Diagnoses, Assessments, and Electronic Intervention
Sonography Standards (2008)
Sonography: Transmitting Sound, not Infection by Raynaldo Diaz
Out,Damn Spot: The Physical Impact of Thinking Dirty by Kellie Fitzgerald (2010)

Metabolic and Endocrine
Nurses...Heal Thyself: A Multidisciplinary Study of Obesity in the Nursing Profession by Esmeralda Englesias (2007)
Rice and Beans to Diabetic Training Camp by Michelle L (2009)
Celiac Disease:Misconceptions,Education,and the Steps to Changing your Life by Craig Pinto (2010)
Lupus on Steroids by Michael Radley (2009)
Low-Dose Viagra as the Magic Bullet by Behare Agai (2009)
Fibroids by Peter Kelley (2011)
Childhood Obesity by James Titone (2012)
Obesity: Personal, Financial, and Social Implications by Ioana Georghita (2012)
The Road to Recovery in Diabetes by Celeste Kelly (2014)
he Invisible Malady: Inflammatory Bowel Disease By: Emily Price (2017)

The Etiology and Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa by Natalie Crawford (2018)

ICDs and Cardiac Rehab
Wrap Your Rhythm Around My Heart; Lead Me Through the Dance of Life by S. Brough (2008)
Broken Hearts: Stress Factors for Executive Women 45-55 by Deborah Peri (2017)

Smell No Evil, See No Evil, Breathe No Evil: Asthma in the South Bronx by Stacy Gayle, 2007
Keep Calm and Breathe: Living with Asthma by Pamela Graboso (2015)

Dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis by Alana Clemente (2010)
The Physiological and Psychological Parameters of Fibromyalgia by Marilissa Torres (2010)
More than just a Case--A Life Changer by Jacob Gaiser (Hip Replacements and Medical Liability 2016)

The Promise of Play by Sarah Kennedy (2007)
A Qualitative and Quantitative Review of Obstetric Complications and Autistic Disorder by James Robert Brašić & Julie A. Holland
Movements in Autistic Disorder by J.R. Brasic
A Low-Cost Quantitative Continuous Measurement of Movements in the Extremities of People with Parkinson's Disease by Gregory Neal McKay, Timothy P. Harrigan, and James Robert Brasic (2018) Appendix
Parenting the Autistic Child by Diana Alago (2010)
Autism by Tywanda Kippins (2011)
Bionics and Cybernetics: Not Just for Movies or Books by Jennifer Payne (2009)
Overcoming Migraine Pain through a Holistic Approach by Monica Carling (2011)
Dying is not a Crime by Marie-Anne Boyard Maignan (2014)
The Unknown Auto-Immune Disease: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy by Jill Jabbour (2015)
Innovative House Calls for Patients with Cerebral Palsy by Katina Norrell (2015)

LITERATURE by Tania Woods (2012)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Military by Jennifer Rivera (2011)
The correlation between a mild bipolar disorder and enhanced creativity is great enough to encourage doctors and patients alike to explore alternative medicine to cure the disease, without jeopardizing the gift of a creative mind by Veronika Pfeiferova
Turning Bipolar Disorder on its Head:
Alternative Ways to Tame the Mental Illness
By Shurn Cory
Creativity and Axis I Illness by Richard Strauss (2009)
Schizophrenia: Realms of the Unreal by cooper (2009)
Face the Thing that Should Not Be by Alexander Alexandrovsky (2007)
The Mystery of ADHD by Donald Dulli (2009)
Depression among New York University Students by Michelle Wallace (May 2010)
Social Anxiety,Shyness and Introversion: Adult Ethics and Freedom by Tom Harrigan (2010)
Depression by O. Vovkun 2013
Bipolar Disorder: Its Effects on Your Appearance and Your Life by Kay Cuccia (2016)
Mental Illness on the Job: The Dilemma of Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder in the Workplace & Reducing the Stigma
Katherine Elizabeth Arlington (2016)

Spectra Freedom Towers: Prolonged Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by EM (2009)

Cancer and AIDS
Beyond the Last Treatment: Language, Identity and Cancer by Michael Alan Haley (2012)
The Link between Breast Cancer and Lifestyle Choices:
Building Awareness about Everyday Decisions such as Diet, Exercise and Stress and Their Correlation to Breast Cancer By Alison Ahlmark, (2011)

The Plague of the Century
How Well Do You Know HPV? Perhaps More Intimately Than You Think by Stacy Stran Narvesen (2009)
AIDS and its Oral Ramifications by Anne Jayne (2015)
Fighting Cancer by Bolivar Corella (2015)
The Quandary of Cancer of the Brain: The Iranian Perspective by Neda Nickzad (2016)

Positron Emission Tomography: A Tool for Identifying the Effects of Alcohol Dependence on the Brain by Dean F Wong, M.D., Ph.D., Atul Maini, M.D., Olivier G. Rousset, Ph.D., and James Robert Brasic, M.D., M.P.H.
Striatal Dopamine Release and Family History of Alcoholism by Cynthia A. Munro, Mary E. McCaul, Lynn M. Oswald, Dean F. Wong, Yun Zhou,
James Brasic, Hiroto Kuwabara, Anil Kumar, Mohab Alexander, Weiguo Ye, and Gary S. Wand

Peak Performance or Revelry: An Imperative Decision by Matthew Grey (2009)

Drug Use and its Psychological and Physiological Effects by Mary Bella Torosyan (2016)

Child Abuse and Neglect
Conversion Disorder in Childhood by James R. Brašic

Transfusion Alternatives: A Better Standard of Care by Sarina Gefers (2018)
Dental Caries in Underserved NYC Communities by Ruaa Jannan Farhat (2018)
Teeth Whitening: Effective or a Marketing Scam? By Karen Wynne (2009)
A Journey through Nutrition and the Oral Cavity by Bianca Jagad (2012)
Nutrtion and Health of Oral Cavity by Moustafa Elmeshad (2014)
Periodontal Disease by Caterina Wolkowski (2014)
Treatment of Temperomandibular Joint Disorder by Williams Diaz (2015)
Prevention of Early Childhood Caries by Connie Wang (2016)
Understanding Geriatric Dentistry and the Compassionate Approach by Candace Yamakawa(2016)
Oral Manifestions of Tobacco Smoking on Dental Patients by Bebe Nguyen (2016)
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder & How it Contributes to Sleep Apnea by Eton Chen (2016)
Taking a Bite out of Bruxism by Jordan Moshkovich (2017)
Relationships between Dental X-Rays and Treatment by Franchesca Sanchez (2017)
Psychological Burden of Oral Cancer by Alda Ngo (2017)

The Risks and Benefits of Fluoride in Drinking Water by Fiona McKeveny (2018)

Dental Implants related to Local and Systemic Diseases in Adult Patients by Ricardo Carvalho (2018)

Oral Pathology of Common Diseases found in Geriatric Patients by Domonique Hill (2018)

VI. Human Health/Fitness
Yoga and American Culture by Jannette Winstanley (2013)
Fitness Assessments and Personal Training
Working Out Workouts: Home or Gym? by Scott Gammon (2009)
The Trifecta of Fitness by Hamid Castro (2011)

Exercise and Cognitive Performance by Nehal Shah (2017)

Increased Entrepreneurial Performance through T Augmentation and C Abatement
and the Exercise Tax Incentive Plan by Michael Grassor (2011)

Brain Gymnasiums and Cognitive Fitness
Save the Seniors: Save the Financial Bottom Line by Kathy Kissinger (2007)
A Creative Senior Citizen by James Brasic

Prolonged Health for Baby Boomers, Creative Retirement Transition for the Workforce by Jose Miguel Rivera (2012)

Meditation: The Secret Ingredient to a Healthier, More Productive Workplace by Emmy Chung (2018)

VII. Society's Movements
Airplanes and Diseases: A Flight Should Not be an Adventure to Remember by Fabrizio Raho (2009)
Manual Labor
Protecting Women's Health in the Field by Mizzer Lee (2009)
Indoor and Outdoor Chores
Innovative Group Fitness Classes
Games: Competition, Team Sports, Chance versus Choice
When Sports PR Needs Some PR by Gavin Okray (2017)
Dance: Moves to Music
Fighting: Martial Arts, Crime, and Hunting
The Psychophysical Impact of Mixed Martial Arts Training by Jordan Weiss (2007)
Love and Hate: The Connections between Dance and Martial Arts
Sex: Procreation, Communication, Violence, Health and Disease
Semiotic and Literary Analyses of Organic Viscera in Mediated Representations by Joseph Baide (2007)
Ecstasy Reinvented: neo-Maenads
“Please Don’t Stop the Music” by Candida Reyes (2009)
Nameless by Jihan Howell(2009)
Race to Green by Julie Lee (2012)
NYC Police Officers Stress Program by Evan Dela Kwashie (2013)
The Suppressing Weight of Poverty and the Systems that Perpetuate It by Shatia Strother 2013

VIII. Spiritual Connections to Nature
Birth: Blending Art and Science to Create Fertility by Danya Declusin (2010)
Western Religions
Eastern Religions
Indigenous Religions
Spiritual Pyramids