French Lessons with Dr. Julia Keefer


Dr. Keefer is completely bilingual, and has a Master's in French Literature from the Sorbonne, Paris. She is also a dialect expert with the right skills and tools to perfect your pronunciation.Learn to workout in French by combining French lessons with Personal Training. Dr. Keefer is also a Certified Personal Trainer.

Enjoy a taste of Paris with specially designed French lessons.

Improve your accent by working resonance with acting/dialect tapes, and specific phonemes with repetition, poetry, and conversation.

Understand French syntax by beginning with the Idiot's Guide to French Verbs and ending with Proust.Bring these dead souls to life--read your favorite French literature in French.

Think in French by listening to tapes as you fall asleep and writing in French the minute you get up. Play in French. Read the Bible in French.

Construct your own conversational scenarios based on your work and travel.Learn science in French.

When you can order in perfect French, the food tastes even better!