Terrorism and Un-clashing Civilizations

2001-2020 ad infinitum


Submission Guidelines: This is an ongoing multidisciplinary multi-genre international journal devoted to terrorism and un-clashing civilizations. There is no page limit, although we aren't publishing separate books. You may submit poetry, prose, research papers, personal essays, photos, and multimedia. It is open to professors, students, but also the professional and working world in order to publish diverse points of view. There is a peer advisory board to read the submissions, but this is not a standard academic journal. Email julia.keefer@nyu.edu with your paper attached.


Disclaimer: Opinions in these submissions do not reflect NYU, WAOE or the editors, but are published to encourage debate, reflection and a war of words instead of an apocalypse.

Coronavirus Pandemic 2020: The Invisible Terrorist
Students' Experiences of Online Education

The Legacy of One Great Nation by Paris Gorham 2020
Unhinged by Claudine Isaac 2020
The Varied Lessons of Life Through 20th Century Authors, or L’Ecole de la Vie by Gardner Frankel
Literature in the Time of COVID-19 by Emily Nadal 2020
A Journey of Diversity and Humanism during the Pandemic by Lucien Yan 2020
From Pain to Prosperity by Jeffrey Richmond 2020


I. Reasons for Terrorism
A. Clash of Cultures
1) Balancing the Seesaw: Disenfranchised against Oppressors
a) Hector and Achilles by Feisal G. Mohamed
b) Chile, Your Waters Run Red to the Hudson by George White, jr.
c) WTC, September 11; Indian "Mutiny," 1857: Two Studies in the Psychology of Embattled Superpower by Diane Simmons

B. Clash of Interests:
1) Money, Land, Oil
a) Suicide Banking by Jacqueline Cervantes
b) Cities of Salt: Proposals for a Balance between Oil Development and Ecology in Iraq

2) Religious Differences
a) The Hazaras' Home by Michelle Nashed
b) The Taliban's Twin Towers by Steve McCarty
c) Curbing the Atrocities of Hindu Terrorism against Muslims by Reshma Hindustani

C. Basic Needs: Psychophysiology of Terrorism
1) Gender and Terrorism
a) Islamic Feminism
The Ultimate Equality: Female Suicide Bombers by Laura Ann Trombley
ii. Abandon Weeping for Weapons by Lucy Frazier
iii. Cyberspeech: How The Veiled Ummah find their Voice on the Internet by Danielle Ramos
iv. Sex for Money; Nothing for Free: Reorganizing the Cairene Household by Amanda Blake
v. Sexual Segregation in Mosques by Wetina M. Griceford
vi. Gender Inequality in Nigeria
by Oluchi Onweagba
vii. Strangled Voices: Afghan Revolutionaries as a Model for Islamic Women's Liberation by Farsha
viii. A Different View of Islam by Kenroy Simms
b) i. 21st Century Slavery: Human Trafficking in Africa by Brenda Ola

2) Psychoanalysis of Terrorists
a) Osama's Narcissism by Eric Rosen
b) Osama's Game by Counter-Terrorist Michael Eber

II. Methods of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
A. Propaganda
Who owns the story? America's televised battle for cultural supremacy by Ellen Turkenich

B. 1) Semiotics
a) A Comparison of Peking Revolutionary Opera with Post 9/11 Propaganda: A Call to Arms by Sherida Bryan-Davis
b) How Photojournalism Shaped the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Elizabeth Perry (2016)

2) Rhetoric
a) Nomenclature by Ann E. Kottner

B. Training Camps and Cells

1) Cult members or Committed Freedom Fighters?
c) Messiahs of God by Marissa Alessandria
d) Paradise Postponed: Martyrs and Traders by Transcended

III. Goals and Results of Terrorism
A. Fear, Panic and Paralysis:
1) Shock and Awe in Baghdad
a) Iraq: The Plight of Refugees by Diana McDougle
b)Save the Cradle of Civilization by Irma Bonetti

c) The Puncture of Punctuation by Dr. Julia Keefer for NEMLA conference on Literature and Terrorism (2016)

B. Revolution
1) Are Terrorists Nihilists or True Revolutionaries?
a) A Reformed Suicide Bomber in the 77th St Subway Station, Manhattan by Yiannis Petrohilos in the voice of his alter ego, Mahmoud Aziz
b) Freedom Fighters/Terrorists=A Dying Role by Melissa Rosenblatt

IV. Coping with Terrorism
A.Understanding Media Coverage
1) "Objective" Reporting vs Biased Journalism: Where is the Real Truth?
a) The Destructive Power of Myth by William A. Cook
b) Some Remedial Truths for A Nation of Liars by John Dolan
c) "O'Connor, Falwell, Robertson, and the Theologico-Political Implications of 9/11," by Benjamin D. Carson

d) Do Not Resuscitate, Flash Fiction by Dr. Julia Keefer

B. Pedagogy and Terrorism: Sample Syllabi
1) Jihad vs McWorld: Whose Paradise is Lost?
a)Jihad vs McWorld: Only One Will Stand by Dylan Tucker
b) Integrating Current Events with Twentieth Century Literature and Rhetoric: Keefer's Course Syllabus Fall 2001
i. Afghan Woman's Imaginary Journal by Jane Schreck
ii. An Imaginary Journal of Einstein's Dreams through 9/11 and Twentieth Century Literature by John Marrapodi
iii. Literary Journey of Sherida Davis-Bryan as Madame Mao

b) Osama Comes to New Paltz. Cameraman: Kleber Delgado, Post-Production: Douglas Short, Digitalization: Linda Smith, NYU Streaming Video: Rich Malenitza: Fast Connection or 56k
Osama: Micheil Yohannes, Suicide Bomber: Yiannis Petrohilos, Tony Blair the Breaker: Sean Pulliam, Komain Kool J the Afghan dancer, Head of MTV:Sean Hackett, Maureen Dowd with a gas mask: Marilynne Troiano, The Colin Powell: Michael Sweatt, The Singer: Aria McKeon, George Carlin:Matthew Saikaly, Guiliani: Dan Dugal, The Little Girl: Erin Brady, The Shrink: Jennifer Sheeley check out pictures of class!
c) Mock Criminal Trials of John Walker Lindh and Zacarias Moussaoui:
i. How Can You--Defend John Walker Lindh? by Frank Mosono
ii.Mock Attorney for Moussaoui by Michael Boyd
iii. Walker's Road to Jihad via McWorld by Christopher Tripoli

2) Leaders, Loners, True Believers, Corporate Clones
a)Americans: The Truest Believers by Ioannis Petrohilos
b) Non-Believers: Adopting the Buddhist Way by Thomas Maunz

Literature and Terrorism by Professor Julia Evergreen Keefer
3) Literature and Terrorism Webfolios
a)Mohammad Atta by Jacqueline Cervantes
b)Black Water Suczek
c)Elie Wiesel by Nicole Hughes
d)Ruth Snapper the Whirling Dervish
e)The Shaman of Soul Mountain by Leslie Marini

g)Elie Wiesel Wanders through Twentieth Century Literature by Carrie Caro
h) Marquez and Colombian Terrorism by Ziel
i) A Dead Soldier Talks to God by Stacy Larue
j) Sex, Lies and Terrorism by Yessica Gonzalez
k) Global Literature through the Eyes of an American Democratic Islamic Lawyer by Danelle Pitts
l) Weaving Einstein through Literature and Terror by Mildred Castagna
m)Eric On... by Jill Balme
n) Margaret Puleo Races through Modern Global Literature as Nefertiti
o) Lee Wilson's COPENHAGEN
"What is the role of a major twentieth century writer in a crumbling society?"
by anon

Final Thoughts, a poem by Lindsay Nuil

Reading Global Literature 
Major 20 Writers: A Scientific Theme Analysis by Adam Berry (2014)
The Search for Self by Kelmer Neves 2013
The Depiction of the Female Gender in Modern Literature by K Borch 2013
From the Inside Out: A Psychoanalysis of Major Twentieth Century Authors and Characters by C. Nolan 2013
The Power to Prevail over Corruption by S. Lafont 2013
Imprisonment of the Psyche and the Ensuing Enfranchisement
 Elicited by the Perusal of Twentieth Century Cross-Cultural Literature by Michael Grassor (2012)

Dramatic Intensity by Laura Gardner (2012)

Leadership in Literature by Jordan Houghton (2012)
Female Authors of the Twentieth Century by Danielle Chauncey (2012)
Religion and Literature: When God Appears in Literature by Matthew McDonough (2012)
The Nightmare of Philosophy by Alfredo Jimeno (2012)
A Cheap Psychoanalysis of Major Global Authors by Corey Moore Harris (2012)

Absolute versus Relative by Blaklee Maddox (2012)
The Many Faces of Extremism by Madix Barzinlian (2012)
The Road Less Traveled by Jenna Salsedo (2012)
Censored Literature/Forbidden Fruits by Dr. Julia Evergreen Keefer
Human Characters by Pedro Silva
About Censorship by Nedda Tichi
Prisoners of Censorship by Nedda Tichi

Sense Imagery Across Cultures by Emily Goldstein (2015)
Love of Monsters by Dimitri McKay (2015)
The Battle of the Sexes by Jasmine Hansford (2015)
Understanding, the Key to Happiness by Justin Tan (2015)
Visual and Literary Works as a Unified Experience by Jasber Singh (2015)
Upstaging Terrorists with Fictive Empathy and Humor by Julia Keefer (2016)
Journey through Global Literature in Summer 2016 by Medina Ali
Shahid Mahdi's Journey through Global Literature (2017)
Acquainted by Beth Ann Mastromarino (2017)
Deconstructing the Center: Chasing Identity by Isaac Ashkenazy (2018)
Victimhood in Global Literature by Daniel Oppenheimer (2018)
Trajectory through Global Literature by Victoria Dannemann (2018)
The Effort to Know: A Literary Journey by Isabella Taylor (2018)
The Reevaluation of America by Patrick Warren (2018)
Our Common Humanity by Nicolette Tomci (2018)
A Discovery of Humanity by Contemporary Writers by Pavel Burakov (2018)
A Global Chronological Expedition: Major Twentieth Century Writers by Chenxin Kong (2018)
From the Margins: The Themes of the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries by Christine Hoang (2018)

Multi-sensory Journeys through Global Literature by Judy ChinBoram ChoiSabrina DiazRenee KongSanny LuShabelle PaulinoKancholay Touray (2018)
The Bibimbap of World Literature by Jae Shim (2019)
A Journey through Global Literature by DL Lee (2019)

4) Fighting Terrorism with Education Around the World
a) Violence Like a Volcano in Dominica by Marjorie George
b) America and Islam: A Loving Relationship by Julia Evergreen Keefer

C. Memoirs of Student Refugees of 9/11
a) Near Ground Zero:
i. Einstein's Best Dream by Jane Schreck
ii. Andre Alliance's Journal
iii. Olivia Blair's Journal of Post 9/11 Trauma
iv.From Jersey and Back: 9/11 by Melissa Rosenblatt
v. 9/11 by Christopher McComas
vi. Fuck the Terrorists by Michael Munves
vii. Alone by Marjorie George
viii. Blue Tuesday by Marissa Alessandria
ix. Marching into the Sea by Philip Simon

D. Comic Perspectives on Terrorism
1)Laughing at Terrorism by Deborah Drucker
2)Bionic Beings: The Ultimate Survival directed by Brian Buchanan

E. Transcendence
1) Beauty of Art, Literature, Music, Film
a) Transmigration of Sacred Objects from Terror to Beauty by Leslie Marini
b) Poem by David Alan Sapp
c) September Sung by Larry Davies
e) I thought it was a hermit thrush by Linda Brown Holt
f) Why? by Larry Davies
g) Consolations by Ann E. Kottner
h) Egyptian Poetry by Ashley Makar
2) Religious and Spiritual Transcendence
a)Jacob's Ladder by Ann E. Kottner

F. Health, Fitness, Wellness and Psychotherapy
1) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
a) Therapeutic Barfing by Tracy Pirtle
2) Respiratory Therapy
a) Healing the Heart: Respiratory and Psychotherapy for 9/11 Rescue Workers by Michael Magloire, an ex-WTC rescue worker and respiratory therapist
3) Terror and the Unconscious: The Relationship of Fear to Memory
Using Art Therapy to Help Muslim Refugees Assimiliate and Resettle in the United States by Neda Nickzad (2018)

V. Reconstruction

A. New Attempts at Globalization
1) The New American Syncretism: Ismailiyya and its Imam as the Unity of Ascetic and Cosmopolitan Social Justice through Capitalist Positivism by Philip Simon
2) Missing the Beat by Michael Munves
3) Rebuilding McWorld by Andre O. Jordan
4) Afghanistan Before and After 9/11 by Fareed Tokhi, an Afghan studying near Ground Zero
5) A Peace Not Far-Off by Christian Rafidi
6) Modern Portfolio Management and Contemporary Global Literature by Seydina M. Fall

7) Make America Great is Hurting the American Economy by Youngwook Woo (2018)

VI. Prevention of Terrorism: Plans for Peace
A. Intelligence
1) Breaking a Vicious Cycle: Terror, Counter-Terror, Blowback
a)The 2 9/11s by Helen Torres
b) Improving American Intelligence

B. Security
1) Assessing and Combating the Hacker Potential of Al-Qaeda by Christopher McComas

C. The Chessboard of Terror Around the World: Blame and Game
1) Iraq
a) Revisiting Machiavelli: A Comparison of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein by Jeff Flournoy
b) Awakening the Sleeping Giant: America's Preemptive War by Angela Shand
2) Israel versus Palestine
a.) Role Playing at the UN: Empathy for the Refugees by Dhurata Zhuta
b) The Palestinian Conflict, Brought to you by the Arab Union by Richard D Molfese
3) The War on Terror in South America
a) Cambodia in South America: The Ecuadorean Crisis of 2002 by Tanya Castaneda
4) "We Didn't Mean to Kill Civilians:" American Precision Bombing in Afghanistan and Iraq

5) After Jihad: Redefining Democracy

6) The Case For and Against Israeli Crimes of War: Bulldozing and Checkpoint Deaths
7) Freedom for Saudi Arabia and Iran? by Bret Shugrue

D. Crossing Borders: The Pain and Plight of Immigrants
1) American Immigrants
a) Coming to America: Not a Simple Matter for People of Chinese Origin by Nedda Tichi
b) Muslims in the NYC Workplace post 9/11

E. Diplomacy and Balance of Power
1) Strategies, Proposals, Wishes and Sighs for Peace
a) Conflicts, Society and Chemistry by Roberto Andrea Mueller and Paulo Gontigo Velosa de Almeida
b) The Quiet in the Noise by Anne Collins
c) Searching for a Global Master or Meta-Narrative by Julia Evergreen Keefer
d) Another Against the Other: Terrorism through Japanese Lenses by Steve McCarty, President of WAOE
e) French, British and American Diplomacy in the War on Terror
f)Contribute to Anti-War Forum

F. The Arab Spring
Egyptian Revolution 2013 by Dr. Nawal El Saadawi

Utopian Dream or Dystopian Nightmare: The Cost of Creating an Ideal Society in Modern America by Loriana Aviles (2015)