FASL 24: Proceedings

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2015. Proceedings of the 24th Meeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics. Eds. Yohei Oseki, Masha Esipova, and Stephanie Harves. Michigan Slavic Publications, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The front matter and table of contents are available for download as a pdf. The table of contents in the pdf includes page numbers.

Papers from the main session

Russian Scope Freezing: Novel Evidence and Account
Svitlana Antonyuk

Bulgarian Superiority and Minimalist Movement Theory
John Frederick Bailyn

Surface Phonotactics in Morphology: Ongoing Change in the Belarusian Noun Declension
Christina Bethin

Prominence Redistribution in the Aŭciuki Dialect of Belarusian
Lena Borise

Samyj in Fragment Answers
Julie Goncharov

Stress Shift, Focus, and Givenness in Czech
Lena Groeben, Radek Šimík, Frank Kügler

Island Obviation in Contrastive Fragment Answers: Evidence from Bulgarian Li Questions
Snejana Iovtcheva, Despina Oikonomou

Topicalisation in Coordination under Subordination
Jiri Kaspar

The Matching Analysis of Relative Clauses: Evidence form Upper Sorbian
Andreas Pankau

On Slavic-influenced Syntactic Changes in Yiddish: A Parametric Account
Asya Pereltsvaig

Experimental Evidence for Lexical Conservatism in Russian: Defective verbs revisited
Katya Pertsova and Julia Kuznetsova

Rich Agreement and Dropping Patterns: pro-Drop, Agreement Drop, No Drop
Marta Ruda

Personality Disorders: The PCC and two kinds of clitic reordering in Slovenian
Adrian Stegovec

Phase-by-phase computation of prominence in ellipsis and PP stranding island alleviations
Szczegielniak, Adam

Adverbial Left-Branch Extraction and the Structure of AP in Slavic
Aida Talić

Frequency Distributions as Faithfulness Targets: Or, Why Bulgarians Feminized Turkish Nouns
Mary Ann Walter

Papers from the Special Workshop on Approaches to Slavic Morphology

Instrumental situations: On case marking in copular clauses in Czech
Jitka Bartošová, Ivona Kučerová

Three Kinds of ‘Homogeneous’ Patterns of Czech Numerals: A Phrasal Spell Out Account
Pavel Caha

A CVCV Account of the Russian ɔ/a alternation
Guillaume Enguehard

Stem-final consonant mutations in modern Russian
Varvara Magomedova, Natalia Slioussar

Producing Case Errors in Russian
Natalia Slioussar, Anya Stetsenko, Tatiana Matyushkina