New Research in Economic Theory

19 West 4th Street Room 624, Th 16.15-18.30 NYU 2021-22

Instructor: Debraj Ray

Fall 2021 

September 16:

September 23: 

September 30: 

Mauricio Ribeiro: Comparative Rationality.

Gabriel Toledo: Trade Under Double Ignorance in OTC Markets (with Fernando Lopes and Angelo Mendes)

October 07: 

Giulio Principi, "On Multiple Discount Rates" (by Chambers and Echenique).


October 14: 

Aya Jibet: Two-Sided Matching with Indifferences (Erdil and Ergin)

Enzo Di Pasquale: Rationally Inattentive Preferences and Hidden Information Costs (Oliveira, Denti, Mihm and Ozbek)

October 21:

Guzel Ishmaeva, Collective Self-Control (Lizzeri and Yariv)

Kei Ikegami, Redistribution through Markets (Akbarpour-Dworczak-Kominers)

October 28: 

Ludovica Ciasullo:

Jimena Galindo Prieto::

November 04: 

Giulio Principi: Law of Demand and Stochastic Choice (Cerreia-Vioglio, Maccheroni, Marinacci and Rustichini)

Erik Madsen, " Incentive Design for Talent Discovery," with Basil Williams and Andy Skrzypacz.

November 11: 

Aya Jibet: 

Enzo Di Pasquale:

November 18: 

Guzel Ishmaeva

Kei Ikegami, Cheap Talk with Transparent Motives (Lipnowski-Ravid)

November 25: No class, Thanksgiving Break

December 02:

Agata Farina: Strategic Complexity under Mandated Disclosure

Dilip Abreu: Bargaining with Exclusionary Commitments (with Mihai Manea) 

December 09:

Alistair Barton

Orestis Vravosinos