New Research in Economic Theory

19 West 4th Street Room 624, Th 16.15-18.30 NYU 2021-22

Instructor: Debraj Ray

Spring 2022 

February 17: 

February 24: 

Vishal Ashwinkumar, "Stochular Orderings" 

March 03: 

Giulio Principi, "Probabilistic rationality and the incompleteness of preferences"

Orestis Vravosinos, "An expert proves her expertise to a non-expert" 

March 10: 

Aya Jibet:

Enzo Di Pasquale:  

March 17:


March 24: 

Guzel Ishmaeva,

Kei Ikegami,  

March 31: 

Agata Farina 

Jimena Galindo Prieto::  

April 07: 

Giulio Principi:

Gabriel Toledo:  

April 14: 

Kei Ikegami

Enzo Di Pasquale:

April 21: 

Guzel Ishmaeva

Aya Jibet

April 28:

Orestis Vravosinos

Vishal Ashwinkumar 

May 05:

Marek Weretka