(Sociology of) Sex and Gender


Robert Max Jackson

~~~~~~~~~~~ The Gender (Auto)Biography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~ Term Paper Guidelines ~~~

The Final Paper


The final gender autobiography, officially a term paper, represents the culmination of each student's effort to connect the course material to her or his own life.  We build toward this final paper throughout the semester with the weekly biographical pieces.  (The quizzes and final exam represent the other major means for students to develop and demonstrate their knowledge, with a similar pattern of weekly quizzes [and discussions] leading to the final exam.)  Prior to completing the final paper, we have a major intermediate step, the full working draft.  Each student will circulate a full working draft to the other members of her or his "paper work group," and each student will write comments on the drafts of other members of the group.  

The Steps: From Outline to Full Working Draft to Final Submitted Term Paper ...

Final Version for Submission ...

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