Robert Max Jackson

Class Web Sites

The classes I have taught in recent years are listed below. Click on any of the headings to connect to the relevant course web site.  The initial page for each class web site has the syllabus/reading list.  Some classes have a number of other connected pages; the initial page will have the links to them (in most cases). 

When reading lists include materials available in electronic form, particularly journal articles, the lists have links leading to those articles via NYU Bobst library.  Because the library and the publishers of electronic materials sometimes change the way they do URLs (i.e., the internet addresses), links on older reading lists may be broken.  The links are also of limited value to those outside NYU.  As the lists get updated, I am, where possible, converting the links to DOI format (Digital Object Identification) which should be stable.  The revised links are still not directly usable by those outside NYU, but I am including the DOI reference numbers with the citation information, allowing anyone to access the materials via their system by inserting the DOI reference numbers in their local standard linking URL. Additionally, as I update the webpages with multiple links to articles, I am adding alternative versions of the web pages where the links will work properly to provide access to the articles for those from other universities and institutions.

If you use these web pages to help build your own reading lists or have comments on them, please let me know by emailing me a note using the address above.


Sex and Gender

What Causes Gender Inequality?: Advanced Seminar

Sociology Honors Seminar

Inequality: Advanced Seminar

The Social Foundations of Public Issues

Future of Gender: Advanced Seminar


Sex and Gender: Analytical Foundations

AQR: Design of Social Research

Causes of Inequality: Analytical Strategies (Taught as Social Stratification)

Stratification and Inequality (Earlier version of Social Stratification)

Sociological Research, Analytical Methodology

Classic Sociological Theory