Personal Descriptions of Heaven and Hell

When Professor Keefer first came in contact with Ramesh Kalva, he was a poor, starving child living in an earthly hell in Bangalore, India. Thanks to Professor Keefer and the Christian Children's Foundation, he is now a healthy, happy 15 year old. This is his idea of heaven:

After checking out the Heaven or Hell syllabus, student Bonnie Linn meditated on the swirling clouds with the egg yolk dots and came up with this statement:

Always spinning toward the light, the core, the eye. The white clouds are the masses in turmoil, turbulent. This is life. But the clouds are always spinning towards the light, the flame, peace. It is Heaven or Hell. Which is it? I am one of those in the white mass, spinning, always spinning around the light. I need to discover whether the light is heaven or hell. I pray it is heaven. I can't stop myself. It is something I know I must accomplish or I will be considered a failure, but only in my own eyes. So I spin in the white mass towards the light, the core. They say there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel in death. Is this what will happen when I reach the core? Will I die? No. This is not a tunnel, I am in the mass. This is my window. It is my goal, so I spin, spin toward the light. A light from heaven this light is. Those that are touched by this light are blessed. they are the chosen few that have conquered their dreams, divine. This yellow light, God's gentle touch. It is the eye of the storm, the core, the calm. Where the yellow light shines, that is where I set my sights, keeping my eye on the light, my peace, my conquest. I struggle toward this light. Its glow begins to creep closer and closer. But I am still so very far away. God's light. Radiance.

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