While Frankenstein and Grace never get married, Grace is able to conceive. During the time with him, which must have been at least 95 years, she always tried to convince him to chane and later become a better person. But she never succeeded. She delivers his babies, and then disappears. Dear reader, yes, she disappears,but not in the way, you might want her to disappear from his life. She somehow stays, to look after the baby. She is in labor. She thinks: I can’t get stand this pain. Oh, my god, what creature did I hold in my womb? And there she goes: step by step she disappears in person. First her left arm, then her left hand, then her right arm and right arm vanishes, one after one her face, her torso, her legs, her feet, she stops crying and yelling and the only creature crying, but now without mother is Baby Frankenstein.

Since Grace has real breasts like a woman, she wants to breastfeed her baby. But how is the baby, which is visible and ugly to everyone able to be fed by breasts, which it can’t see? Luckily Grace has her special voice, which is remarkable, because of its originality. She has a sing-sing voice, which can be identifeid easily. And certainly a baby knows its mother. Anyhow, Baby Frankenstein might have smelled its mother and was glad that Grace still existed for him. But she was invisible to Frankenstein and this made him crazy. He already was challenged with the baby. He had lost Grace and noticed how much he actually cared for her. He was going crazy. He was yelling: "oh Grace, how did you dare to leave me in thie time? You are no good mother, and you weren’t a good lover and a good girlfriend at all. I am lucky you are gone, but where the hell are you? Ant why couldn’t you just let me know, how to deal with such a thing? How am I supposed to raise him? And he went out to find someone he could punish.
Meanwhile Grace was standing in the same room as he was. She was quiet; she wasn’t with him anymore, she just cared for her baby. While he was off, looking for a victim, she fed Baby Frankenstein and kept talking to it what it should do and how careful it had to be. She didn’t feel good about leaving the baby with Frankenstein. The baby had been Frankenstein’s last chance to take care of something, to show his real feelings. But even the baby - his own chemistry - couldn’t chnange him and make a better monster out of him.

Grace finally decided to flee with the baby. One day, while Frankenstein was out killing someone, she wrapped Baby Framkenstein in tissues an cloth and went into the warm summer breeze, carefully looking that no one would see them or just the baby. She had to be very careful, that the baby didn’t cry out loud all of sudden. But a certain point, when they passed the door and wanted to cross the lonely street, they had to pass the horse carriage. Grace was extremely careful, and started looking if someone was sitting in or on the horse carriage- luckily there wasn’t. But in the moment they were supposed to cross it, the horses made extremely loud noises. Grace became scared someone might come out of the pub, or one of the prostitutes would feel disturbed and would come outside to see what was going on.
Grace’s voice was a definate handicap. Her voice was unique. Everyone could remember her voice. She just did not know anymore what to do. She was worried. She tried t o hide the baby. But where was a good hiding place? How could she hide, was another question she asked herself. She had no clothes to wear. Now, she felt a little bit desperate, though she had the perfect plan in her mind: she had thought when Ba by Frankenstein was old enough that wouldn’t have to breastfeed it anymore, she would have left it one someone’s stairs, so that she wouldn’t have to take care over food for the growing baby anymore.
Even though it was the 19th century, she was pretty sure, someone would be nice enough to take care for the baby. She was loosing her mind. She had forgotten how different her baby looked than all other babies. But she couldn’t think. She was a mother and so she felt like one, too. And thus, she had the goal to raise her baby. She herself was immortal and could survive easily without food.
In case, she had to eat, she would just eat wheat and rice- this would help her survive another century.