Many kinds of yoga are practiced in New York today such as Hatha, Iyengar, Bikti, Kundalini, Eco-Yoga, etc. How do they differ? What kind of yoga do you prefer for relaxation, stretch, meditation or mindbody centering?
Can kundalini yoga be used to help humans evolve to a higher species or is that new age baloney? Does the Judaeo-Christian model support evolution through and of the body?
How does the philosophy of yoga differ from Judaism, Christianity and Islamic religions?
How do specific yoga exercises stimulate the mind for deeper concentration, focus and awareness?
How does breathing influence your thought?
What is the best way for you to eliminate distractions and sharpen your focus?

Student Maxine Factor, who is also a yoga teacher and a poet, did a project on the inside/outside of yoga postures. Here is her version of the Dog.


limbs spread
my eyes barely open
lids heavy
I can't see you
but I feel you there
You take hold of my wrists
and gently close each finger
one at a time
until your thumb completes
the circle around
my flesh
The muscles along my spine
as you rotate my arms
inside - out

I sink within
as my lashes touch
the hollows of my eyes
the edges of my cheekbones
your toes touch my heels
as you lead my legs open
ever so slightly
not to be too inviting

As your palm pushes
against the middle of my back
my body bends further
like a rag doll


I allowed you
to move me, at will
but I planted my feet
firmly in the ground
I wiggled my toes and fingers
I turned my wrists back
and melted my hands
into the earth
and took power.

Still bent
I tightened my rib cage
and my body closed
I inhaled, my ribs expanded
and new breath entered.
And you?
I blew you

Maxine Factor was inspired to write the following poem by the Cat pose:

all 4's

ready for the prowl
heat emanating
through each rib
while piercing nails
in the soil

jalapeno eyes
with the moon's face
devouring knight's
flood beam

spinal arch
enhancing the chase
that is captive
in light

pores salivating
to pounce
on the back
of prey
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