Peer Reviews

Instructions for Peer Assessments

Criteria for Peer Assessments

Reliability, Responsibility

Does Not Meet Expectations: Often unprepared; little evidence of reading or independent study; fails to follow through with self-directed learning tasks; comes late, leaves early, or misses meetings.

Meets Expectations: Consistently prepared; has always read required materials and completed assigned tasks; always on time and ready to work.

Exceeds Expectations: Usually highly prepared, more than others; takes initiative in finding valuable resources; exceptionally thorough follow through on tasks; exerts more effort than others.

 Participation in Group Work

Does Not Meet Expectations: Disrupts group with irrelevant comments; takes up a lot of group time without contributing much; seems not to listen to others; rude, insensitive, or disrespectful of others; simply does not participate; responds defensively or aggressively when others disagree.

Meets Expectations: Cooperative and considerate of others; listens well and avoids interrupting others; contributes regularly by asking questions, offering hypotheses, and sharing information; does not dominate or intimidate; responds reasonably to disagreements.

Exceeds Expectations: Helps get others involved in discussion; helps others with their research assignments; takes an effective lead in discussion and moving the group learning forward; particularly sensitive and respectful of other members' ideas and feelings; resolves conflicts; responds gracefully to disagreement or criticism from others and tries to use it to advance group work.

  Intellectual Contribution

Does Not Meet Expectations: Displays limited knowledge acquisition; consistently unable to answer questions; consistently has difficulty identifying problems, generating hypotheses, drawing conclusions, and seeing the "big picture"; explanations illogical or poorly formulated; unable to integrate and synthesize information; has difficulty applying facts and principles to problems.

Meets Expectations: Shows reasonable knowledge of relevant materials; answers most questions adequately; contributes by identifying problems, generating hypotheses, and drawing sensible, well-formulated conclusions from information; helped generalize from the specifics and applied information toward new problems.

Exceeds Expectations: Shows outstanding acquisition of relevant knowledge; formulates particularly strong arguments; answers go beyond initial questions to offer new insights and understandings; integrates diverse pieces of information into elegant syntheses; solves difficult problems by a thoughtful application of facts and principles.

  Contribution to Written Work

Does Not Meet Expectations: This person contributed the least amount of ideas and work, significantly below others in the group.

Meets Expectations: Made a fair and average contribution to the paper.

Exceeds Expectations: Paper reflects more of this person's ideas and work than that of anyone else in the group.


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