Fall 2020

(Sociology of) Sex and Gender


Robert Max Jackson

~~~~~~~~~~~ Quiz Scores ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~ Quiz Scores ~~~

The Class ID is a 5 character hexadecimal SHA1 hash based on your NYU ID and last name.  To generate this ID, go to the web page:
In the box on that page, enter your NYU ID plus (no spaces) your last name, then click the "hash" button.  For example, if I had NYU ID  N12345678  and the last name Brown, I would enter N12345678Brown (must use capital for first letter of last name).  This will produce a long result - we use just the last 5 characters.  So, N12345678Brown would produce "67e7bb6510a45bd3a855eaa6a5ea28210a41aadb" and my class id would be 1AADB.

Under Q1 ... Qn are the raw scores achieved on the quizzes to date.  Adjusted Average (Adj Avg) is a student's average score.  This "adjusted" average reflects two corrections: (1) the scores received for each quiz date are rescaled upward or downward for the whole class so that the average score of all students taking the quiz is the same for each quiz date (this means that all quizzes have the same impact on the final adjusted average, equalizing the effects of the harder and easier quizzes) and (2) the two lowest (adjusted) scores a student has received (regardless whether they result from not doing so well on a quiz or being absent for one) are removed before averaging.  (For example, if after 6 quizzes, a student has taken 5 quizzes and missed one through absence, the adjusted average will be based on the 4 best quizzes, leaving out the absence and the lowest score of the 5 taken.)  To give a more easily understood indication of how students have done on the quizzes, the Total Percent column shows what percent of the total possible points a student's accumulated adjusted points have achieved. The total points available depends on the number of quizzes counted when it is calculated; for example, after we have taken ten quizzes, the eight with the best scores are counted, making the points available 120 (8 x 15).  Note that the last row of the table shows the Median score for each quiz and the average scores.

Students should check to see that the scores are what they expect and get in touch with us if it appears a score might have been entered incorrectly.  

QUIZ scores will appear here when available!!!